Since the English discovered kay-chap in Asia in the 18th Century, the original recipe has undergone many changes. Ketchup Strumpf is the result of many hours by the stove, in search of improvement. We seek to offer a tasty and functional product (contains fibers) but with less sodium and sugar than the leading brands. With the encouragement of our friends, we came up with this special recipe that comes from our family to yours.


#1 Rustic

Our rustic ketchup is neither too sweet, nor too vinegary. The prevailing flavours come form tomatoes and condiments, which will take your tastebuds by surprise.

#2 Smoked

Our smoked flavor is drawn from the addition of “liquid smoke”, a natural product created in the nineteenth century, from the burning of hardwoods and subsequent condensation.

#3 Very, Very Spicy

Our spicy ketchup is made with an Indian chilli pepper called bhut jolokia or 'ghost pepper', which Guinness World Records certified as the world's hottest chilli pepper.

Barbecue sauce

Our barbecue sauce was created based on our very own Ketchup Strumpf #2. Not too vinegary, not too sweet, enhanced with the flavors of smoked condiments to go with the best meals.

Nutrition Facts Ketchup Strumpf


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    Our brand is commited to act as a vector of well-being to our suppliers. employees, customers and Society. To this end, we will:

  • Minimize the environmental impact of our packaging and products;

  • Offset emissions of greenhouse-effect gasses still indipensable to our operations;

  • Prioritize the use of ingredientes sourced from socially and environmentally-responsible farmers and companies.

  • Support cultivation and producion practices that minimize the use of pesticides and fossile fuels, and that safeguard biodiversity;

  • We do not use colorings, flavorings, artificial starch or emulsifiers in our products.



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